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Who We Are



MaryElizabeth is our Alto PennSix staple member… and barely listens to music.


A senior studying Cognitive Science with minors in Consumer Psychology and Linguistics, she will be going into consulting on brand strategy. You can often see her doing social dancing or synchronized swimming when not doing a cappella, and when she does listen to music it will almost always be Broadway.


She finds herself to be “folky” (the quality seeming folk), and hopes she can eventually live out her life in the middle of nowhere, living on a farm of her own. Yee haw...



Was this bio over a month late?


Was it worth the wait? 



But that's generally the brand of Konstantinos, bass singer by necessity (though technically a low-range baritone) and comedy writer out of pure spite against his mortal foes who won't admit that pure absurdity is actually a form of humor.


Outside of the rehearsal room, Konstantinos loves to do theater, write, talk about what he's writing, pursue two degrees,  talk about his two degrees, complain about having too many things to do, and, finally, make progress in his plan to become an absolute menace to society (with varying levels of success).


Konstantinos is the oldest member of PennSix currently in the group, having witnessed the Great Fall, the Days of Sorrow, and the phoenix-like (the bird, not the city) Rebirth of the past year.


Bio over. Konstantinos out.

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Lila is a sophomore majoring in psychology with a minor in consumer psychology. She loves understanding things deeply, not taking things at face value and picking apart why things are the way they are. This profound passion for knowledge really works against her when she's taking timed math tests, but it's ok because "a little anxiety makes the world go round" she says.


Outside of classes, Lila is a part-time magician. Lila loves to express herself through photography and other lens-based artistries. When she's not perpetually trapped in the photo studio, in her free time she enjoys procrastinating, calling it a "chronic illness" and "hey I didn't say that stop writing that down". She also enjoys making up new phrases—her latest linguistic concoction is "bonkers ridonkulous", and when I said that's not a word she called me bonkers ridonkulous.


In her busy savant life of magic, photography, and procrastinating, Lila finds the time to also be a social media influencer. You can catch her on her 500k+ follower Instagram account, whose handle she cannot disclose because of an NDA she signed.

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      Joseph is a biochem and biophysics double major. Joseph describes his personality as introspective and forlorn… er wait.. that’s actually how he describes the soundtracks he’s composing for an upcoming mathematics video game. On the weekends, you can find him doing recreational coc— erm, coding — or on that premed grind.



        Aida is a senior studying Networked and Social Systems in the SEAS. Aida enjoys tennis and, despite her unfavorable views towards animals, she loves horseback riding and her two dogs. She notes that she hates slimy things but loves furry things, so if you’re a snail, slug, or frog, and want to be friends with Aida, you’re out of luck. Sorry bud.  Aida is very careful in not spilling her favorite Dragonfruit Pink Drink all over her.



          Maya is a freshman in the NETS program from the Philly suburbs. One fun fact about her is that she loves the Hamilton soundtrack a little too much! Her favorite music artists are Imagine Dragons and Chase Atlantic. Her hobbies include baking, watching old Disney movies and playing Tetris!

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            Maggie is a freshman from Hong Kong studying bioengineering. Her favored music genres are pretty diverse with genres such as western pop, kpop, cantopop and mandopop, as well as Bruno Mars. In her free time she likes to watch TV and chill, and of course, sing! A fun fact about her is that she can twist her tongue.

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              Anushka is a freshman studying biology. She is from New Jersey, and a fun fact about her  is that she’s a vegetarian. Some of her hobbies are singing, playing the piano, and running. Some of her favorite artists/bands are Hozier, Lord Huron, and Khalid, and soul is a genre of music that she’s been getting into lately!

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                Kevin is a junior, studying PPE. He’s originally from San Francisco.

                Fun fact: Kevin has a high tolerance to things like spices (even though he always chooses the mild option). 

                As per hobbies, Kevin likes playing guitar, chess, singing (of course!) and is passionate about learning new activities! 


                When asked what music genre he would be, he said “Indie” because of the weird vibes. Both Indie and Acoustic are also his favorite genres, and his favorite music artist is Jeremy Zucker. Kevin also likes making fast songs sound sad. Kevin is the solo for “Fix You” and his voice part is baritone.

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