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Who We Are

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Shelby Abaiye 

Senior Shelby Abaiye is 100% the realest Penn Six member. Always honest, helpful and iconic, Penn Six and the Altos(tm) will not be the same without her next year.  Many a bad joke have been cut from Penn Six shows possibly from her Bloomers expertise, but also just because she has a discerning and tasteful sense of humor. Even though she is always exactly five minutes late, the party can only really start when Shelby walks in. Her favorite song is You First, by Paramore and her favorite movies include Back to the Future, Grand Budapest Hotel and Enchanted (omg like the song). Her favorite Penn Six memory is when we all pulled up to her awesome birthday bonfire, and got to celebrate her unending slay-ness. My favorite memory of Shelby was literally yesterday when she used a baby doll as a door stopper in a Harnwell floor lounge, that honestly tells you everything you need to know abt her. We will miss her so much next year (I'm not cry

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Joseph Dong 

Our amazing senior music director and tenor extrordinaire Joseph (Jo-Jo) Dong is not only musically talented and hilarious but also- actually wait maybe that’s it. JUST KIDDING. Even though he sometimes gets stuck in the bathroom, or goes to the wrong building for rehearsal, you can’t help but love Joseph. He achieves peak silliness levels with ease and always embodies the Penn Six spirit of being supportive, kind and helpful to literally everyone all the time. I wouldn’t have anyone else tell me I’m singing the wrong notes. Studying biochem AND biophysics, he is a certified science boy and I really hope he gets into med school so one day there can be a urologist named Dr. Dong. In his free time Joseph likes to serve looks in his iconic tan jacket and compose soundtracks for video games - which is super nerdy but I support him.  My favorite memory of Joseph is when he drew the U.S. states from memory at a Penn Six social, that shit was crazy. Penn Six will miss you so much Jo-Jo, whatever shall we do without your dynamics graphs and vocal warmups, maybe we will be re-plunged into the dark ages.

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Jenny Fu 

There is so much to say about Junior Jenny Fu that can't be put into words. Not only is she the best marketing director an a capella group could ask for (did you SEE that promo video?) but she is also a killer alto and overall amazing friend. Majoring in English, it's no surprise Jenny has a way with both writing and delivering awesome comedic performances. She also is just overall giving mother and is a safe person to vent about my troubles as an engineer to (guess who wrote this?!). She is so sweet, patient and open to any chaotic and crazy ideas from the group, and is never afraid to push herself into new things - like being british (I'm sensing a theme there). It's crazy to think there was a time when Penn Six existed without her, especially since she helps us steal moving carts from the Radian for all our props. Jenny's favorite P6 memory is our expert construction of gingerbread houses earlier this year, followed by a good vibes hangout.


    Maya Gambhir 

      Maya is a sophomore in the school of engineering studying computer science (women in stem!!). She even recently won a raffle for Penn engineering merch! She is from the King of Prussia area of Pennsylvania, about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Maya has one older brother, who is only 11 months older (Irish twins!!) They do indeed have twin energy. Maya's favorite musical is Hamilton, and her favorite Taylor Swift album is either Reputation or Speak Now, depending on the vibes. Her favorite season is fall (which is the correct answer), and her favorite holiday is Christmas. Maya enjoys baking, especially when she receives validation from her mom for making something extra good. She also likes crocheting little animals and flowers. Her favorite restaurant near campus is Amma's Indian Cuisine, which is indeed a "banger", and her favorite condiment is sriracha. That's Maya!!


      Jonathan Hong

        Hailing from the luscious suburbs of Philadelphia, sophomore Jonathan Hong is one of our top two basses, and if we let Kevin be his true baritone self, he'd be number one. When he's not absolutely shredding on oboe as part of the Penn Symphony Orchestra (or in a Penn Six show), you can find Jon knee deep in CIS problem sets and wearing one of his many identical pairs of khakis (a fashion icon honestly). We are so happy to have Jon back (possibly under threat of violence) after his hiatus last semester, turns out Penn Six gets more fun the more basses you have. A casual but passionate singer throughout his life, Penn Six is Jon's first foray into the world of a capella, but you'd never know it because he eats every. single. time.  Jon's sense of humor is nothing if not iconic, and no one laughs more at Jon than Jon does. He plays a british man better than many could ever hope to (iykyk) and passionately undertakes many of the random and silly roles Penn Six has thrown at him. 

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        McKenna Mooshian 

          Mckenna is everyone’s favorite soprano from Chambersburg, PA (aka Pennsyltucky - iykyk) and has been a singing queen since her high school days in Glee Glub and other special singing groups. She loves Taylor Swift and her favorite album is fearless, however she is not a noodle dress apologist. Her favorite broadway show is Hamilton which shows she has all around great taste in musical and theatre sensibilties. At Penn she is studying Nursing and hopes to become a Labor & Delivery nurse after graduation! As a Hill resident, Hill is her least hated dining hall but in her favorite off campus restaurant is Pattaya. Besides spreading joy and being cool, Mckenna loves to bake, watch Outer Banks, and put barbecue sauce and honey mustard on her food.

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          Keita Sato

            Keita Sato is our strong and committed tenor from Tokyo, Japan. As an exchange student studying finance, he wants to become a consultant in the future. His favorite thing about Philly—in addition to Penn Six, of course)—is that the city has improved his “endurance against stinky smells.” Keita loves exploring the city, and he also feels at home on campus, where he enjoys eating at the Hill dining hall. In Penn Six, Keita is our beloved grandfatherly figure, always laughing along to our wacky jokes and adding his spin to them. His presence always makes the room more energetic, and he’s dedicated to the bit. Keita’s favorite Penn 6 memories include Joseph’s (another one of our lovely tenors) crazy, fun ideas and dances at our rehearsals. His favorite song is Midnight Creative Drive by Frederic, and he loves the iconic movie Your Name (one of my top movies, too!). The WACK Street Boys is Keita’s first and only show in Penn Six, but we will all miss him, and he’s forever a part of the Penn Six family.

            Pennsix Fall23 Concert Program.png

            Aubrey Shi

              Aubrey is our MOST beloved and chaotic soprano whose high notes pierce through the sky. She’s the fashion queen of Penn Six, and you can always count on her to give you great aesthetic advice. During rehearsals, you can always find her snacking away—downing Oreo or reaching for that last bit of chocolate. When things are quiet, she’s there to crack a good joke and send laughter around the room. Penn Six rehearsals are not the same without her in the room. Aubrey is also involved in various clubs outside Penn Six, including Q&A and Quake Magazine. As a junior student in the College, Aubrey studies PPE and English and hopes to become a lawyer for intellectual property (or in another legal specialization). An ardent theatre fan, Aubrey’s favorite musical is Notre Dame de Paris, and her favorite movie is the “Before” Trilogy. She is also cast as the lead in a forthcoming film production (—stay tuned!). In the Penn Six family, Aubrey is the rebellious older sister, always thinking outside the box with wacky ideas for new adventures—and we love her just the way she is.

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              Emoo Wang

                Meet Emoo Wang, our beloved soprano with a flair for extraterrestrial wackiness. Yes, for she is a sociology major with a research focus on astronomical sociology. Her knack for organizing isn't just limited to human or alien societies; it extends to meticulously arranging her phone apps by the color spectrum of their icons, a true testament to her being a Virgo. Emoo is a connoisseur of strategic feasting. By mastering the art of infiltrating academic conferences under the guise of a research scholar, she can demolish the best free canapés at any meeting. Besides the enthusiasm for free food, she also has a passion for music. Learning violin for over 15 years, she’s shown this passion in a peculiar way—one that involves the demise of two violins and three bows. These accidents conveniently became her escape route from unwanted violin lessons, (and perhaps, a metaphor for her talent in breaking hearts just as skillfully). Then there’s Niccolò Paganini, Emoo’s least admired musician, whose mere mention causes her fingers to ache. And who’s her favorite musician? You know it gotta be P6 :)

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                Kevin Zhao

                  Kevin is our favorite definitively heterosexual Penn six member, and a Bass (but truly a baritone). This is not aided by the fact that he is literally singing the song Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic at the Disco (🎶 girls love girls and boys…🎶 ).  Hailing from the great city of San Francisco, he is also the only member that has survived through the great fall of Penn Six in 2022 and has remained a strong a central member of the group to his senior year. This means that he is also the only member who auditioned for Penn Six, so you can at least have faith in his musical abilities if not anyone elses. As someone who has heard the man sing, you are in for a TREAT. My least favorite memory of Kevin is when he LEFT to study abroad in England last spring, and we were all so sad, but at least he came back with a good british accent. When asked what music genre he would be, he said “Indie” because of the weird vibes. Both Indie and Acoustic are also his favorite genres, and his favorite music artist is Jeremy Zucker. Kevin also likes making fast songs sound sad. I hope this is all still true because he said that a year ago. Kevin always brings gentle, kind but somehow also choatic energy to every rehearsal and also never fails to share the best and funniest ideas that pop in his head.

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